Electronic prototyping consists of the design at both Hardward and Software levels, for the development of electronic projects that can range from LED signaling to crop irrigation systems. There are many applications of this technology and the Bibliomaker wants to offer you the opportunity to get started in this field with such projection. For this we have the following resources:

  • Raspberry Pi Premium Kit
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Touchscreen Display 7’’
  • Kit Arduino Starter
  • Kit Arduino Avanzado
  • Kit de robótica solar (Solar Robot y Solar Kit)
  • Kit de robótica 4 en 1 (Autoensamblaje de robot)
  • Coche Micro bit (Placa de programación y coche)
  • Orange Pi
  • Alhambra FPGA
  • Protoboard
  • Multímetro digital y analógico

All these resources will help you to develop real electronic projects that you have programmed yourself in Arduino IDE, Scratch, JavaScript, Python …

In addition, all these resources are available for loan at the BUG.

So that you can start in this exciting world we offer you the following free tutorials for the platforms:


  • Programo Ergo Sum : Here you can find a multitude of projects and courses to learn Arduino programming from scratch or using Scratch for a first approach. They also offer courses on Raspberry and robotics Check them out!


  • Aprendo Programando: Gain basic knowledge of Python, JavaScript, and Blockly with completely free entry-level programming courses.


The BUG has manuals for: