Laser cutting technology allows us both engraving and precision cutting in different non-metallic materials. There are three different types of lasers on the market: CO2, fiber and vanadate lasers. In the Bibliomaker we have a CO2 laser, which allows us to work with the following materials:

  • Woof
  • Acrylic or methacrylate.
  • Paper
  • Paperboard Fabrics
  • Textile

In the makerspace we have the KH7050 Laser Engraving Machine cutter model, which is controlled from a computer using its own software.

From all the resources we have, you will have more information in our different sections of Laser Cutter.

The laser cutter is available to users who wish to use it as long as they have taken the free Laser Cutting and Plotter Workshop course. You can check the reservation process here.

To make good use and ensure the correct operation of the laser cutter and the room, please consult the rules for use of the laser cutter before starting.

You can consult the general Bibliomaker regulations in our section WHAT IS IT ?.

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