Virtual reality (VR) is an environment of real-looking objects generated by computer technology, which makes you have the feeling of being inside it. This sensation is produced by VR glasses, which in turn can be accompanied by other VR devices such as helmets, gloves or suits. The virtual reality that we use in the Bibliomaker is of the immersive type, where the environment is three-dimensional.

In our facilities you will find everything you need to be able to enter this virtual world, through the Steam VR platform and our HTC Vive virtual reality glasses. We also have virtual reality glasses for Zeiss VR One Plus mobile phones.

Below we show you the applications, which you have access to, organized by categories:

    Munx VR: Free Construction
    Symetry Alpha: Tool that converts CAD (Computer Aided Design) files to virtual reality.
    vBuilder: Free creation. Modeling, importing, painting, organizing scenes and making animations.
  • ART:
    Eye of the Owl: Exploring the Garden of Earthly Delights (Bosco)
    Lifeliqe VR Museum: Natural History Museum
    The VR Museum of Fine Art: Exploring an art museum.
    Braun Future Operating Room: Futuristic operation simulation.
    The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell: Journey through the interior of a human body (like the movie “Amazing Journey”).
    Nanome: Chemical scanning at the nano scale.
    Nutrients for Life: Game to learn about the application of nutrients for the crop.
    Sharecare VR: Real-time simulation of human anatomy and the inner workings of the human body.
    Volcano Eruption: Simulation of a volcanic island emergence.
    VR Anatomy: Atlas of Human Anatomy
    BuzzAldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars: Documentary, with astronaut Buzz Aldrin about his experience and reflections on the colonization of Mars.
    Edmersiv: Educational Laboratory.
    Google Earth VR.
    Home –A VR Spacewalk: Simulation space station in orbit.
    The Lab: Valve minigames compilation for VR.
    ObserVRtarium: Museum of space themes (ships, probes, cars …)
    SpaceWalker: Exploration, fictional, of the deep universe. For now you can only visit planets of the Solar System.
    Travel VR: Travel around the world in virtual reality.
    WebbVR: The James Webb Space Telescope Virtual Experience – explore the universe through the special Jams Webb telescope.
    PolyDome: A musical environment that changes and evolves as you interact with it.
    3dSunshine: Creative Construction; from castles to gigantic spaceships.
    Kanova: Sculpting tool.
    Mesh Maker VR: Basic polygon-based 3D modeling tool.
    PaintLab: 3D drawing and sculpting tool.
    Sketchbox: Collaborative design and construction tool (you would need at least two glasses).
    ThreadStudio: Virtual Reality T-Shirt Design (Print, Shape)
    Altar Show: 3D work environment (Brainstorming, design, planning ect.)
    Arch Virtual HQ: Virtual office, architectural visualization of a residential area, operating room with 3D scanned patient for medical simulations and an interactive oil rig.
    Calcflow: Visualization of spaces and mathematical entities and interaction with them in 3D.
    LookVR: Exploration and interaction with search engine data in 3D.
    Lume-Alpha: Exploration and interaction with search engine data in 3D.
    Medicalholodeck Free: The Real Human Anatomy: 3D medical platform to prepare for surgeries, teach anatomy, human radiology, …
    Uncorporeal – Holographic Photography Demo: App for 3D photography. It transports you through the world on a full scale of each location.
  • Games
    Earthquake Simulator VR: Earthquake and fire simulator while learning survival techniques.
    Ping pong league: Table tennis in VR. It can be multiplayer.
    RideOp – VR Thrill Ride Experience: Amusement park simulator.
    Short Circuit VR: Electronic application to build your own circuits.
    Trials on Tattoine: VR game based on Star Wars. Jedi training.
    Universe Sandbox: Space Simulator
    VRIQ: 5 minute test of creative ability to solve problems.

If you want to delve into VR or carry out your first projects, here are some platforms that will give you new ideas.