Posters are a good way of communicating about your research. They are particularly effective for presentations communicating quantitative data, but can be used for a variety of reasons. A poster may be an independent presentation, it may be an addition to your paper and it can be an alternative to an oral presentation.

  • Size A1 (841 Χ 594 mm along the vertical axis).
  • – Include information personal information/affiliation, and contact details.
  • – Posters should be manned/presented during the time slot reserved within the session.
  • Posters should be printed by participants.
  • – The posters must be exhibited in paper format by the authors in Granada.
  • – Posters should be displayed in a room set up during the congress.
  • – Posters can be sent by ordinary mail to the address:
    • – Alberto García Porras, Departamento de Historia Medieval y Ciencias y Técnicas Historiográficas, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. C/. Profesor Clavera s/n., Campus “La Cartuja”, C.P. 18071, Granada (Spain).
    • The deadline for the arrival of the posters by ordinary mail is 5 November.


  • Poster on-line (optional):
    • – To facilitate the exchange of information and the consultation of all the posters by the participants, it is recommended that the poster be sent in pdf.
    • –  This option does not replace the printing on paper and presentation of the poster in Granada during the congress.
    • – Please upload a pdf file (max. 12 MB) via the submission system:
    • – The poster will be available as a preview with a link to the pdf.
    • The deadline for uploading the posters is 5 November.