We are an active group of optometrists located at the University of Granada (Spain), who seek to investigate the visual functioning in different clinical populations and daily activities. The CLARO-group was established in 2016 and is formed by Raimundo Jiménez, Jesús Vera, Beatriz Redondo, and Rubén Molina. Currently, our two main lines of research focus on the dynamics of the accommodative function in populations with different neurological disorders and progressing myopes, and the short- and long-term effects of physical exercise on the visual function and eye health.

To achieve our goals, we follow a multidisciplinary approximation to all research questions and collaborate with experts from a wide variety of disciplines, including neuropediatric, sport science, psychology, ophthalmology, and computer engineering. Most of our investigations are conducted in collaboration with researchers located worldwide, such as Durham University (prof. George A. Koulieris), University of Szczecin (prof. Teresa Zwierko), Aston University (prof. Leon Davies), Bradford University (prof. Brendan Barrett), Columbia University (prof. Carlos G. De Moraes), and the University of Waterloo (prof. Kristine Dalton). Also, we actively work with specialists in sport sciences (prof. Amador García-Ramos and David Cárdenas) and neuropediatric (prof. Antonio Muñoz-Hoyos and Antonio Molina-Carballo) of the University of Granada.