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XIIIth Congress AIECM3 on Medieval and Modern Period Mediterranean Ceramics – Session 4-4

Session 4-4 Social significance of ceramic productions

15:30 Konstantinos T. RAPTIS: Some Remarks on the ReConsumption of Early Byzantine Stamped Bricks and Tiles in Medieval and Post-Medieval Structures in Thessaloniki

15:50 Tânia Manuel CASIMIRO, Ana MOÇO, Carlos BOAVIDA: From simple decorations to complex ideologies. Cultural and social influences in Portuguese tin glaze consumption in 16th and 17th century

16:10 Frauke WITTE: Expression by symbolism on early modern earthenware in Southern Scandinavia

16:30 Tony VOLPE: Étude sociale du mobilier céramique en usage en Provence orientale. Le cas d’Antibes et de Cannes aux XVIIeXVIIIe siècles, à travers les sources écrites

16:50 a 17:20 Discussion Communications (4-4)


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