What do eggs have to do with  printing 3D?

We clarify it … we are collaborating with the Department of Zoology of the UGR to print some Críalo (Glandarius glandarius) eggs to put them in magpie (Pica pica)nests … ¡what oddities!

More information on the interrelation between criálos and magpies in...

Molina-Morales, M., Martínez, J.G., Martín-Gálvez, D., Dawson, D.A., Burke, T. y Avilés, J.M. (2014). Cuckoo hosts shift from accepting to rejecting parasitic eggs across their lifetime. Evolution, 68: 3020–3029. doi:10.1111/evo.12471

Martínez, J.G., Molina-Morales, M., Precioso, M. y Avilés, J.M. (2020). Age-related brood parasitism and egg rejection in magpie hosts. The American Naturalist, 195 (5): 876-885.

… and also this thesis by Mercedes Molina Morales, which you can find and access freely in the UGR repository: DIGIBUG

Ecología y evolución de las interacciones parásito-hospedador: un estudio longitudinal con individuos marcados

Ecology and evolution of host-parasite interactions: a longitudinal study with tagged individuals                                                                               
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