Nanoscopy Lab

Our research group is the host of the Nanoscopy Lab service, a state-of-the-art super-resolution microscopy facility, open to research groups, R&D&I institutions and SMEs.

This facility was established under a firm conviction for public service to R&D&I agents, as well as for society in general.

Super-resolution microscopy techniques, also known as nanoscopy techniques, revolutionized the field of optical microscopy and many different applied scientific branches. The optical resolution limit, a barrier thought to be inviolable for many years, was overcome by a combination of smart physical and mathematical approaches. Looking at cellular and molecular systems with much more detail opened new research lines and provided new insights into many different scientific problems. The extensive impact of the nanoscopy techniques in different fields was recognized by the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, awarded in 2014 to W. E. Moerner, S. Hell and E. Betzig.

This website contains all the information about the Nanoscopy Lab services, available facilities and experiments catallogue, and instructions for scientific counselling, booking of the facility and list of service fees.