Smart Luminescent Sensors for Molecular Super-resolution Imaging of Protein Kinase Cascades in Regulatory T-cells   Abstract: Health disorders caused by abnormal immune responses represent one of the major biomedical challenges nowadays. These disorders range from autoimmune diseases to the … Leer más acerca de Treg-KinSens

Front cover in OBC

We start after the summer break with the release of the front cover of the September issue of Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (vol. 18, n. 33). The manuscript, entitled N-Methyl-β-carboline alkaloids: structure-dependent photosensitizing properties and localization in subcellular domains, … Leer más acerca de Front cover in OBC

Back on track!!!

Happy to be back in the lab! Remote group meetings, and a bunch of new papers during confinement. These are some of the new papers that came out in the last couple of months. Gonzalez-Vera et al. Unusual spectroscopic and photophysical properties of solvatochromic BODIPY analogues of … Leer más acerca de Back on track!!!

microRNA detection method

Our long-lasting collaboration with DestiNA Genomica and Optoi Microelectronics, within the framework of the miRNA-DisEASY project, has resulted in an exciting paper published in Chemical Communications. In this paper we describe a new method, using DestiNA's dynamic labelling chemistry of … Leer más acerca de microRNA detection method

A couple of sensors

The combination of semi-conductor Quantum Dots (QDs) and FLIM microscopy presents countless advantages for intra-cellular imaging. With these advantages in mind, we have been working in several nanosenors in the last few years. Our latest work on intracellular nanosensors, specifically designed … Leer más acerca de A couple of sensors

We were at the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ) biennial meeting 2019

Our group attended with great success the biennial meeting of the RSEQ 2019, which took place in San Sebastián. Prof.  Orte presented a flash communication titled "Multidimensional Fluorescence Lifetime Sensing", and acted as the chairman of a session at the symposium Sensing and Biosensig: … Leer más acerca de We were at the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ) biennial meeting 2019