Nanoscopy Lab Funding

The Nanoscopy Lab at the University of Granada has been funded by the following grants and funding agencies. Grant: EQC2018-004333-P Funding agency: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación / Agencia Estatal de Investigación / European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Programme: … Leer más acerca de Nanoscopy Lab Funding

Nanoscopy Lab publications

A list of papers of the Nanoscopy-UGR Lab facilities. All the texts are Open Access, or appropriate author copies can be found at the UGR repository DIGIBUG. 2024 Fueyo-González, F. et al., Flour moisture detection with an europium-based luminescent probe. Sens. Actuat. B-Chem. (2024), 401, … Leer más acerca de Nanoscopy Lab publications


Contact, Booking and Service Fees Contact and booking E-mail: For booking, please, describe the type of experiments required, and we will arrange a preliminary virtual meeting for technical support and advise. Service fees Confocal microscopy - Full service, with … Leer más acerca de Contact

Technical Information

Available Facilities STED-FLIM Super-resolution Microscope Abberior Expert Line Pulsed excitation wavelengths: 375 nm, 440 nm, 485 nm, 532 nm, 630 nm. 750-nm STED depletion laser. NanoLED for epifluorescence imaging. 4 point detectors: 2 Hybrid PMTs + 2 Si APDs. EMCDD camera. … Leer más acerca de Technical Information

Nanoscopy Lab

Nanoscopy Lab Our research group is the host of the Nanoscopy Lab service, a state-of-the-art super-resolution microscopy facility, open to research groups, R&D&I institutions and SMEs. This facility was established under a firm conviction for public service to R&D&I agents, as … Leer más acerca de Nanoscopy Lab