see hydrogel fibrils grow!

Our recent collaboration with Prof. Alvarez de Cienfuegos, studying the formation of supramolecular peptide hydrogels has been published in Materials Chemistry Frontiers. Using advanced, multiparametric fluorescence microscopy and single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy, we have studied the … Leer más acerca de see hydrogel fibrils grow!


Our new collaborative MSCA-RISE project, diaRNAgnosis, will kick-off in early January 2021. We're excited to keep on working with DestiNA Genomica, Optoi Microelectronics, and Prof. Michela Denti's group at the University of Trento. Here you can read an interview to the project … Leer más acerca de diaRNAgnosis

Front cover in OBC

We start after the summer break with the release of the front cover of the September issue of Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (vol. 18, n. 33). The manuscript, entitled N-Methyl-β-carboline alkaloids: structure-dependent photosensitizing properties and localization in subcellular domains, … Leer más acerca de Front cover in OBC